Areas of Specialization
  • verified by Psychology Today verified by Psychology Today Directory Lifespan Integration
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  • Trauma/PTSD
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  • Crisis Intervention
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  • Depression, Anxiety, & Various Mood Disorders
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  • Therapist/Counselor /Pastor Self-Care & Compassion Fatigue
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  • Child Loss, Infertility, & Miscarriage
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  • Marriage/Relational Therapy
  • Gottman Method training
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  • End of Life Transition
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  • Grief
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  • Child Abuse
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  • Stress Management
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  • Christian Counseling

Individual (Youth/Adult) and

Couple Counseling 

 Life can be challenging, and seeking help in uncertain times and in the rocky phases of life, is a step in the right direction. People seek professional counseling generally because some aspect of their life is causing them significant difficulty and/or emotional pain. As a professional counselor, I'll work with you to decrease current suffering, resolve problems, or create better relationships with significant others. I do this by hearing you, understanding your experiences, and offering tools to support healthy functioning. I offer counsel in the context of Christian values, the impact of sin upon behavior, biblical truth, and the ultimate healing found in a personal relationship with God.

My core fields of training includes grief counseling, trauma/PTSD work, mood disorders, and domestic violence/abuse specifically with women and children; family and parenting education; and couple/individual counseling in child loss, infertility and miscarriage.  I am a trained Lifespan Integration therapist as well. 

 My objectives as a therapist are to . . .

…Help people to develop their potential, recognize options and alternatives and mobilize resources to deal with life's situations.

 …Guide the integration of feelings and life-patterns with the past memories while creating connections in the body-mind so that it reacts more appropriately to the current life situation. 

…Address the whole person in the physical, emotional, social/relational and spiritual domains. 

 …Assess people in terms of integrated functioning and recognize that problems in one area of living may have an impact on other areas. 

…Provide a caring, trusting, nonjudgmental environment in which clients' values and integrity are respected.  

…Adhere to the American Counseling Code of Ethics.